MEP Design

With a vast, qualified and highly experienced in-house engineering, design, energy efficiency, project management and field service professionals, CREVARO PD can handle an entire palette of project types : commercial, residential, offices projects, industrial or production halls.

Our services also ensure feasibility studies, analyses and evaluation reports, technical assistances on site for new construction or existing buildings to be rebuilt, modified or extended.

We cover the following fields in MEP design sector

One of the best ways to improve the building’s functionality is to optimize the long-term benefits.
We call this service as MEP Consultancy, and our goal is to reduce the costs but also improve the performance of equipment that will bring in time an easy maintenance.

Over the years we were able to bring benefits from every MEP aspect, including smooth and safe water flow, reliable lighting and power systems, and improve ventilation for a better indoor environment.
This will lead to only one great thing – improving the overall value of the property.

  • Interior Heating, Cooling and Ventilation
  • Smoke Exhaust and Air Supply
  • Converting Traditional (wood or gas) heating system into Renewable Energy (heat-pumps and solar panels) heating system
  • Interior and Exterior Power Supply and Lighting
  • Public-street Lighting
  • Mid-Voltage Electrical connections and Solar Panels works, by collaboration
  • Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Security and Access Systems
  • Domestic Water and Waste Systems
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Sewer and Water Supply for cities and villages

A big wish for Project Owners is having and integrated solution for their needs.
Our main target is to deliver a data-rich coordinated BIM model.
We managed to comprehend this 3D world of Building Information Modeling, and as we dive deeper into this branch, we begin to see the real benefits:

Coordination – helps the designers, architects and engineers to have a better view of the entire project and thereby saves time and money during the construction process;

BOQs and BOMs – using a 3D BIM model, we can generate accurate quantity lists of all materials for every MEP system. By that, construction companies can avoid budget overruns and optimize their on-site construction;

Drawing Services – includes sections, elevations, detailed drawing, layouts;

BIM Modeling – with implication from Engineers, our BIM Modelers can develop highly complex and detailed 3D models depicting MEP components like ducts, piping, electrical and lighting fixtures, plumbing and drainage etc;

Clash Detection – utilized to check and resolve hard and soft inter- and intra-disciplinary clashes between architectural, MEP and structural elements, helping to reduce the risk of human errors.

Our BIM experts can also transform your actual 2D drawing into clash free coordinated 3D model, using BIM approved software.

For a successful image to take shape is important to have a good communication with our clients. This is essential so that the project evolves into the desired shape, and go even beyond expectations.
We are able to create 3d images and animations that cover a wide variety of activity fields. We strongly encourage the use of animation, because adding that 3rd dimension into an image really makes the difference.
In successful collaborations 1+1 always equals more than 2, so feel free to contact us and let us make beautiful images for your projects.